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Term Dates 2023-24

Term Dates 2024-25


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  • Friday 19 Jul 24
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  • Wednesday 28 Aug 24
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  • Wednesday 25 Dec 24
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  • Thursday 26 Dec 24
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Parent Forum

The St George’s Parent Forum is a group of parent/carer representatives who meet once a month to discuss school-related issues. St George’s is committed to working closely with our parents and carers and encourages open communication and consultation, whilst recognising the impact this has towards our Continuous Improvement programme. The Parent Forum provides a valuable way to support our families whilst listening to your ideas and concerns as well as seeking your views, ultimately ensuring we are meeting the needs of our children and families.

It will discuss issues which will have an impact on the development of the school, policy consultation, pupil well-being and communication. Although not decision making, the Forum does have the opportunity to influence decisions through an open dialogue with the Head Teacher and our Aquinas Advisory Council.

Feedback will be included within our school Newsletter and Minutes from each meeting will be published below.


WE will listen - YOU can make a difference!


Please liaise with your Class Representative if you have any feedback or concerns. 

If you would like to get involved, here is a Job Description for our Parent Representatives as well as Guidelines on WhatsApp communication channel.