St George's Church of England Primary School

Church and Community

We celebrate our relationship within our community, in particular, the work with other primary and secondary schools to share knowledge and best practice. We are affiliated with the St George’s Church in Bickley.

Local pre-schools and nurseries are invited to our successful open days. We celebrate our music within the community singing at various centres, including our local care homes for the elderly. The pupils enjoy local skilled visitors coming into the school sharing their knowledge. We have a great many parents who give so much of their time to help the school, whether it be volunteering for clubs, reading or sharing their professional skills. The school maintains contact with St George’s alumni and other neighbours / friends and invite them to the many school events including a winter and summer fair and quiz nights. In addition, our school regularly support local Charities who also need our community help.  

We also run a food bank called The Purple Pantry. It is stocked with a wide variety of food items such as soup, cereal, tins of vegetables and packs of pasta to name a few. There is also a variety of household goods such as kitchen roll, bin bags, baby wipes, nappies, shower gel and much more. If anyone in the community would like to use our food bank,  please email me us at  We will make sure you are able to access it at a time that works for you.

St George’s supports and is supported by our Community – click below to find some local links that may be useful to you... 

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