St George's Church of England Primary School

Phonics - Early Reading

At St George’s we motivate our children to read for pleasure through a developed love, enthusiasm and wonder for reading, both in school and at home. We allow our children to engage critically with a wide range of different genres and stive for them to appreciate the history of literature and become fluent and successful readers.

Our aim is to fully equip our children with the necessary skills needed in reading and to support them in developing their understanding of vocabulary and language. From an early age, we support our children in mastering reading skills and encourage them to read across all curriculum subjects. We regularly engage our pupils in discussion about literature and use powerful and thought-provoking texts to provide our children with the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Our reading sessions support our children in developing their blending and de-coding, prosody and comprehension skills. We teach our children to read through a clearly structured and progressive Phonics programme (Little Wandle), based on the National Curriculum, and support children’s progress in reading across the school through carefully structured intervention.

Reading sits at the heart of our school and is highly valued; books and poems are often used as a stimulus in our literacy lessons. Our timetable provides many opportunities for reading across the week as a whole-class, a group and independently and our daily story time creates a shared love for reading.

Our classrooms reading spaces and school library provide our pupils with a wide selection of diverse and inclusive fiction and non-fiction texts. All of our texts have been hand-picked to reflect our community and are regularly updated to ensure our offering remains fresh and current.  

Key Documents

Reading Progression Map