St George's Church of England Primary School


At St Georges, we believe that learning another Language is very important in order to prepare our children for life as citizens of a global community. We want the children at our school to have high self-esteem as well as deepen their curiosity, understanding and respect for people from different cultures, lifestyles and customs in the world around them. By learning another language, we aim to promote our children’s interest and curiosity in studying languages further at secondary school, preparing them for the next steps in their education and for the future beyond.

In their Spanish lessons, we hope to cultivate children’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning another language, whilst develop children’s knowledge and appreciation of the richness of other countries, peoples, religions, traditions and cultures in the world around them.

In the teaching of Spanish, we develop decoding and reading, speaking and listening, understanding and translating and early writing skills. We provide opportunities for children to speak with increasing confidence and fluency. Through regular practice, improve the accuracy of children’s pronunciation and intonation.

Key Documents

MFL Progression MapYear 3 MFL Long Term Plan

Year 4 MFL Long Term Plan

Year 5 MFL Long Term Plan

Year 6 MFL Long Term Plan