St George's Church of England Primary School


At St George’s, we provide our children with the opportunity to discover an interest in geography, inspiring them to think innovatively and develop their natural curiosity.  Our aim is that children will develop a coherent knowledge and understanding of their own locality, Britain and the wider world.  Through our teaching we develop the children’s geographical skills and equipment use to explore the environment around them, for example through the use of atlases, maps, compasses and globes to locate countries, continents and oceans.  Furthermore, we explore our local area and view it through the eyes of a geographer, taking part in fieldwork to help bring the subject to life and develop an understanding of locality.

In their Geography lessons, pupils in our school will learn how to apply appropriate geographical vocabulary to demonstrate an understanding of their learning and use geographical resources to help support them understand the study of our key concepts: human and physical geography, place and location.

Key Documents

Geography Progression Map

Year 1 Geography Long Term Plan

Year 2 Geography Long Term Plan

Year 3 Geography Long Term Plan

Year 4 Geography Long Term Plan

Year 5 Geography Long Term Plan

Year 6 Geography Long Term Plan