St George's Church of England Primary School


At St George’s, we inspire a love, enthusiasm and passion for writing and encourage our children to be creative and think imaginatively.

Our aim is for our children to become confident writers, who can plan, compose and edit confidently, by using a wide range of punctuation, spelling rules, vocabulary and literary devices. We equip our children with a variety of writing skills to allow them to write for a range of purposes and audiences, so that they master the foundations for writing to apply in later life. We motivate our children to appreciate different genres and author styles across all cultures, so they develop a rich understanding of literacy heritage. Through our teaching, we introduce our children to high quality texts, exemplifications and authors that feed their imaginations and inspire wonder, joy and a thirst for writing. Our staff model high standards of writing in all subject areas, through a progressive and clear-sequenced lesson structure.

Our literacy lessons provide our children with the opportunity to explore writing collaboratively through oracy and drama, and an opportunity to showcase writing skills independently. We support our children through the use of our literacy working walls, word-mats, dictionaries and thesauruses, and provide our children with regular feedback to help them in identifying how to develop their writing further. We provide lots of enrichment opportunities to inspire our children, including: an annual Book Week, local Library trips, author workshops, the Aquinas Big Debate and much, much more!

Key Documents

Writing & Skills Progression Map

Fiction Writing & Skills Progression Map

Non-Fiction Writing & Skills Progression Map