St George's Church of England Primary School


At St George’s, we provide and encourage the opportunity for all children to have the skills required to immerse themselves in and enjoy art.  We aim to inspire a love and curiosity of art that spans a range of genres, forms and cultures by allowing children to critically engage with the works of diverse artists and providing them with a variety of opportunities to create and evaluate a range of artistic techniques. 

In their art lessons, we enable pupils to understand that art is steeped in history and tradition, has evolved over time and is central to many people’s lives in the wider community.  We aim to widen their vocabulary both in terms of technical language, but also descriptive language through their emotional responses to art work.  Most of all, we aim to give the opportunity for the children to be creative!   

Key Documents

Art Progression Map

EYFS Art Long Term Plan

Year 1 Art Long Term Plan

Year 2 Art Long Term Plan

Year 3 Art Long Term Plan

Year 4 Art Long Term Plan

Year 5 Art Long Term Plan

Year 6 Art Long Term Plan